Black Behind The Lens

Six Square features Tia Blount Boyd and Michael Blue Smith in exhibit “Black Behind the Lens” this May. Join these photographers May 17th (6:30 - 9PM) as they discuss exploring the art of the black body. “Black Behind the Lens”, a dynamic perspective on the beauty in vulnerability.
*Light bites provided by Desire Catering

Exhibit launches May 10th, 2018 and will run through July 28th, 2018

Six Square is committed to connecting the community with beautiful artistic expression. Please note some of these works may include nudity.

How i spent my Saturday 9/20/2014

So I spent most of my day doing homework and I needed a serious break so we got dressed and went to the bridge to hang out

And look who we picked up on the way uncle Earrl with two rr lol inside joke
We stayed at the bridge until nightfall it was beautiful

Then my husband and I and Uncle Earl went to visit some of my favorite people in this world

After our visit we went to the basement it is a local art gallery for painters and artists of all media’s there We met up with some more people that I hold dear to my heart

We Posed for our shadow people picture

And by the end of the night my feet were calling a quit

The Basement

This past weekend I enjoyed one of Dallas best keep secret The BASEMENT it is a place like no other, its located at 115 S Beckley Ave, Dallas, Texas 75203 in the basement of a church. I know right who would have thought that I could have a drink and look at some of the best art in Dallas in the basement of a church. There next event will be a free one so if you have some time go and check them out Saturday,September 20 at 7:00pm - 11:00pm

The Basement is an art gallery based on the world of graffiti and pop art. We represent a broad and diverse set of artists from the Dallas / Oak Cliff area. Our mission is to bring creativity and art awareness to the community with Graffiti and pop art. There is not any gallery in the area that represents these forms of art so we are creating an image that graffiti is a positive movement in our area that only need to be embraced and recognized for the good it does in our area. Through our hard work and great creations we will bring a movement that is already world wide to Dallas where it can be appreciated by the masses. The Basement is providing opportunity to local artists and the community that makes it \(this is from there FaceBook page\)
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